Name: Alisha Ahh Mad.

Age- 14

From- India


Telephone #-718-441-0370

Dad- The King of the Punk Fist (this name is given to the person who cannot beat anyone, even a baby)

Aol Screen Names- No1Nyhoney, No1sweetgyal, IIKookiesII, Sweethoneypie69,Suga2Swt4u2Tatse- An ugly bitch like Alisha got all these good screen names, trust me if you see this ugly hoe you will drop dead right away.. She'z so fucking ugly she can scare Freddy Kugar. Her screen name should be No1Uglybitch

Hobbies: Playing with her "Puppies" (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, she plays with her own puppies, she don't have a man so she have to play with them herself), selling her body to the low lifes at Richmond Hill, you can ride her for 2 cents!!(Trust me you don't want to ride this ugly hoe).

Occupation- Slut...

Comments- She is the ugliest person in the world. I mean she'z ugly that when she was born her mom dropped dead. She got such an ego thinking she'z No1 but she more like the No1ulgybitch.

Suggestions for this bitch- Get a new face, Stop lieing(cuz u suck at it), Join a gang and stop lieing that your in one, Get a man..

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