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 Flame 3   Parameter   Examples   Generate Code 

 How to use:

    <APPLET code="flame3.class" width=250 height=110>
         <param name="text" value="Words+Seperated+By+Plus+Signs">

         <param name="font" value="font name">
         <param name="fontsize" value="40">
         <param name="position" value="0">
         <param name="solid" value="on/off">
         <param name="color" value="(1-5)">
         <param name="color_change" value="yes/no">

         <param name="fade" value="on/off">
         <param name="stove" value="on/off">
         <param name="decay" value="(5-20)">

         <param name="mainlink" value="URL Address">
         <param name="maintext" value="Name of Link">
 Required Parameters
"text" String holding the words to display in the applet. Seperated each frame of words by '+'
 Optional Text Parameters
"font" Type of font you which to use. Limited only to java fonts.
"fontsize" Font size of the burning words.
Default: 40
"position" Vectical position of the words relative to the middle.
  • "off" : (default) Keep color of the text the same as the flame.
  • "on" : Use a solid color for the text.
"color"Color you wish to use.
  1. fire (default)
  2. green
  3. ash blue
  4. midnight purple
  5. black&white
  6. Rose Pink
  • "no" : (default) Don't allow viewers to change colors.
  • "yes" : Allow viewers change colors of the flame.
 Optional Flame Parameters
  • "on" : (default) Fade away words with the flame.
  • "off" : No fade away effect wehn display words.
  • "on" : (default) Burning flame from the bottom on.
  • "off" : Turn off the burning flame on the bottom.
"decay" (5-20) Intensity of the flame. The lower the number the larger the flame.
Default when Stove on: 9
Default when Stove off: 12
 Additional Parameters [ Full Version Only ]
"mainlink"URL of the web site you wish to link to.
"maintext"The name of the link site you with to be display.

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