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Q: when you create your own player can you make your player taller
or are they all the same height

A:Yes you can make your wrestler taller or shorter. The are 3 height range but i don't think you can modify an of these heights.

Q:Is the Gameplay of Mayhem the same as Nitro?


Q:can you defend your belt against humans in exhibition mode

A: I don't think so.

Q:can you change stables in mayhem like put benoit in nWo

A: No you can't change stable in WcW Mayhem.

Q: I wanted to know if the button combinations are the exact same as in Revenge
or do you just press like left left square to do a move?

A: The Move system is WcW Mayhem is the same as in Revenge.

Q: Can you create wrestlers as huge and fat as the ones in WWF Attitude?
I heard the only sizes are small, large and powerful.

A: I don't think that you can create wrestler as fat as in wwf attitude.

Q: Can you have computer Vs computer matches?

A: Not sure about that.

Q: If your momentum meter is all the way up and you are sting and u put on the
scorpion deathlock the person will not tap out the first time you put him in
it  will he like on Wcw thunder?and do you know if there is a option where
you can turn off submissions. But the is a rope break so maybe if you do a finisher that is a submission and the wrestler get to the rope he might not tap out but i am not sure about that.

A: If you do a finisher that is a submission the first time you do it the wrestler will tap out but it better than in wcw thunder. No the is not a option where you can turn off submission.

Q:which should i buy: N64 or PlayStation version

A: You should buy the PSX version, it has more sound , has Bobby Hennen(the n64 version does not have him) all the wrestler theme music which the N64 version does not have because of the lack of space.

Q:Can you please rate wcwmayhem out of ten please.

A: Sorry can't rate the game now i have to play if first but i am sure wcw mayhem is going to be a good game.

Q:Will the weapons have different amounts of damage? For instance a kitchen sink doing more damage than a stop sign?

A:Yes someone has corrected me that each weapon do different amount of damage.

Q:Can you show me a jackhammer and spear step by step.

A: Here is a jackhammer and a Spear. Sorry the spear don't look so good it look's better in the game.


Q:In all the pics i have seen i haven't seen a crowd will there be one in
the game?

What are the controls most like, Attitude, Thunder, or Revenge?( i
really want to know before i buy the game)

A: Yes the crowd is in the game but the don't look real. Again the controls are like Revenge.

Q:How many Special Moves will one wrestler have because some wrestlers have
more than one.
2.Will the Hidden characters such as Scott hall have there special move
instead of someone else's?
3.Will everyone in Mayhem have there own theme music on the playstation
instead of a made up one?

A: Yes I do think some wrestler have more than one special move. I don't think Scott Hall is Hidden and yes the will have there own special move, everyone in the game has his own special move. Yes in the PSX version of Mayhem everyone has there own music.

Q:Will the Crowd cheer for created wrestler's like the do for goldberg if he wins alot of matches?

A: Yes the crowed cheer for all wrestler especially when you are doing alot of moves and beating your opponent.

Q:Q:I heard that during you fight to the belt that sometimes it will be
like on TV almost anything will happen.can you explain or deny it?
Q:Can you defend the titles after winning?

A:The game is like TV because you can Fight Backstage and stuff just like the real thing. I am not sure if you can defend the title but it most likely that you can.

Q:For the Playstation version is the control configuration going to be like Nitro and Thunder? If not, How?

A: Both version controls are NOT like Nitro or Thunder the are like WcW/NWO REVENGE.


Q: 1. How many costumes does each wrestler have?
2. How many players can play the N64 one and still go and fight in the back?
Please say 4!
3. Can you change the faction of the wrestlers already in the game?
Ex: Stevie Ray is now back with Booker T or Hulk Hogan is now with Brett
A: I answer these question already. Anyway here i go again. Each wrestlers only have one costume. You can only go backstage in single matches. You cannot change faction in WcW Mayhem.

Q: Does Buff Do his Blockbuster in wcw mayhem like in wcw thunder? And does Nash do his powerbomb like in wcw thunder?

A: Buff does his Blockbuster just like in the real wrestling and so is Nash Powerbomb.

Q: 1. Will you have the joystick cheat, eventhough you don't use it for specials?
     2. Will there be a visible ref?

A: Not sure. No the will be no Visible Ref.


A: No one in the game come's out with a Manager. Yes you lock up but i am not sure what button you press.

Q: Are there women in WcW Mayhem?

A: No the are no women in WcW Mayhem and you cannot create a women in the Create a wrestler mode either.

Q:1. Can you use the weapons in moves for example: Evenflow DDT on a chair,
Drop toe hold on a chair?
2. Can another wrestler come out with a wrestler, like Rey coming out with
3. If there are only 8 themes on the N64 version, what will the other
wrestlers with out themes have? nothing or the made up ones like revenge?
4. Can STING come down from the rafters?

A: Not you cannot do a move on a weapon. Other wrestler do not come out with a wrestler. I know the N64 version does not have all the theme but i am not sure what theme music wrestler will have if it made up or another wrestler music. Sting does not come down from the rafters in WcW Mayhem.

Part 4


A: I am not sure but i think the game come out in Australia in October or November.                                          2. I don't understand your second question but if it what version is better the answer is PSX.                              3. WWF Attitude is a good game but i would say WcW Mayhem is better Honestly.                                            4. Yes you can go into Locker Rooms and Fight there.                                                                                            5. No you cannot go into the cars. 

Q: When I said anything can happen I didnīt mean fight backstage.I meant
that i heard that you make the cards for the PPVS and that during nitros
and thunders the main events are rumored and that there are feuds etc.
This is what I would like confirmed.

A: You cannot make the card for PPVS. There is a PPV mode in which you get a special code and enter it at the PPV code and  you use the match line up of the real wcw wrestling.                                                                  2. I am not sure about the Feuds but you could be correct.

Q:Will you be able to tell the size difference between wrestlers?
Can La Parka like Body Slam Wrath ? Is it real in that department?

A: Yes you can tell the size difference between wrestlers, the are three size range Small, Medium, and Large. 2. Yes La Parka can Body Slam Wrath.

Q: Will WCW Mayhem have any blood modes in it?.
also..what kind of matches are there?..like cage matches, first blood (if any), i quit,..etc
and can you win the tag team belts?
also..are there any taunts in the game, like Revenge?

A: 1.There is no Blood on WcW Mayhem.                                                                                                                2. The are no cage match,no first blood,no i quit if you want to see the modes go to http://go.to/wcwmayhem and check the feature section for all the modes in the game.                                                                               3.No you cannot win Tag Team Belts because there is no Tag team Tournament modes but there is Regular Tag Team Matches but not for the belt, there is no tag belt in the game.                                                               5. Yes the are Taunts everyone has there own Taunts in WcW Mayhem.

Q: Can You please send me a free copy of WcW Mayhem for playstation when it is available please i don't have enough money to buy it and i am the #1 WcW Mayhem Fan.

2336 Weston Road                                                                                                                                                  Toronto Ontario                                                                                                                                                             m9n 1z4                                                                                                                                                                   (416) 243-8158    This is the place to mail WcW Mayhem for playstation please.

A: Ok i did not want to post this because i don't think anyone will give you a free copy of WcW Mayhem, but if you want a free copy you should ask EA the might give you one.

Q:I n the game do you know if Sting is going to be able to do his Scorpion
Death Drop, Death Lock or both? Please let me know if you do!

A: Sting does both the Scorpion Death Drop and Death Lock in WcW Mayhem.

Q:Will Hulk Hogan have his his Yellow and Red costume and his old entrance and

A: Hogan have the Wolfpac costume and i think he have the Wolfpac Music.

Q&A Part 5

Q: I was just wondering if the N64 version was going to be missing a lot of
theme music. Also, do you know who the hidden wrestlers are going to be?

A: Yes the N64 version is going to be missing theme music but that does not mean the wrestler will not have  theme at all some of them I think will use other wrestler theme or made up ones. I will will updating my wrestlers list soon with a sign next to the hidden wrestlers.

Q:Can I see a picture of sting and luger beating hogan and bret hart

A: Sorry i don't have any pics like that perhaps you should ask Gameinformer.

Q:Q:Does Buff Bagwell come out to his new "Buff Daddy" music or NWO Black
and White or NWO Wolf Pac?

A: He come out with his new music.

Q: Do you know if there is a Create a Pay-Per-View Mode like you can create wwf arena or something else like in wwf attitude.

A: There is NO create a PPV mode. But there is a PPV mode where you put in a password and you get to use match line up from the real WCW PPV'S.

Q:1. In the N64 version of the game,will some wrestlers have their own
theme music? If so which ones?
2. Can Sting do both the Scorpion Death Drop and Scorpion Death Lock?
3. Can costumes be switched like in Revenge? ex. Hollywood changing
into Hulk Hogan

A: 1. Yes some wrestlers have there own theme but i am not sure who the are. 2. Yes i said it once before Sting do both Death Drop and Death Lock. 3. Again another repeated question, the answer is there is no Costume Switch option.

Q: Just wondering if Bret Hart entrance music is the music that he come out currently in real life or is it one of his older wcw theme music? Also wondering why is several Mayhem Movies that i have seen. why is Hogan coming out with Wolfpac music?

A: Yes he come out with his currently Real Life music. In Mayhem hogan is in the Wolfpac that why he come out with there music.

Q:1.In Mayhem If you do a special move and then when you pin them will they get
pinned on the first time or do you have to keep on doing your special move.
2.Some special moves such as Hogans leg drop will you be able to do them
without the other person being on the floor or do you have to get them on the
floor, and if they don't have to be on the floor, then how do you get them on
the floor
3.Is Goldbergs spear one of his special moves or just a regular move
4.When do you get to use your special move, and do you grapple them and press
the joystick like in Revenge

A: Yes if you do a special move and pin your opponent the will get pinned .                                                            2. To perform Hogan Leg Drop you must knock your opponent on the ground and then you can do it. 3.Goldberg Spear is a regular move.                                                                                                                          4. Not sure how you do a special move in Mayhem.

Q:Will Sid Vicious be in Mayhem, I think he will maybe as hidden or something
because I went to Nitro in Miami and they asked us to chant ``SID`` so the EA.
people could record it and put it in the game.

A: As far as i know Sid is not in the game, the game has been finished awhile ago.

Q: There is only one thing I figured out WcW Mayhem Sux alot.

A: Say whatever you want, as far as i know WcW Mayhem is a good wrestling game.

Q:Is there interference?
  The price of 38 bucks is probably for the US,but can you confirm any
   Canadian price?

A: Yes there is Interference. I don't know the Canadian price for Mayhem.

Q: Hey, I was wondering if you can use different names then the set ones, and
just not hear Schavione announce their names? For instance, I make a guy
named Nail. Can that stay, and Tony just doesn't announce his name? Another
question, if you fight in the back, will Randy Savage somehow be able to do
the elbow drop off a car or something, or is that just limited to the ring.
Another question, will Chris Jericho be on it? The official website says he
wont, but your page says he will. I'm confused.

A: Yes you can put your own name but Schavione will not announce it. I have been wondering that too, but i don't know the answer. As far as i know Chris Jericho is in the game as a hidden wrestler that has been confirmed.

Q: Are the automatically going to tap out from their special submissions like the crippler Crossface? Are the Controls exactly like Revenge? Can you have interference and is it the right people?

A: When you do a special that is a finisher your opponent would most likely submit. The Controls are just like Revenge. Yes there is interference and yes it is the right people.

Q: In Q&A#2 if you can rate wcw mayhem and you told me you can't because you have not played it yet, if you have not played it how come you know there is only one costume and how you know wrestler tap out with the first and how you know there isn't a create-an-arena like wwf attitude.

A: Ea. has confirmed that there is only one costume for each wrestler. I never said that when you do a special that is a finisher that the wrestler will tap out i said the would most LIKELY Tap out. There is no Create an arena that has also been confirmed by many sources.

Q: Do you know if the outside of the ring going to look like it look's now or is it going to change? Will Hak be in WcW Mayhem? I think in WcW Mayhem there is more than one costume because if you go to wcwmayhem.com you will see one wrath wearing Green and Black and the other wearing blue and black. And there are 3 sting's one with black jeans and black tanktop and with a small scorpion, #2 the one with real life costume and the red sting. If you donn't believe me go to ign.com and check out the stinger with black jeans and black tanktop with a small scorpion.

A: The outside of the ring is going to look just the way it look now and that will not change because the game is Finished. Hak is NOT in the game. As far as i know there is only one coutume for each wrestler and the only person who have another is Sting which is the wolfpac sting.